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The Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ double barrel rifle has long been celebrated as the best in the world.

Theodore Roosevelt, twenty-sixth President of the United States, was perhaps the most famous admirer of the Holland & Holland rifle.

“I do not believe there exists a better weapon for heavy game.” – Theodore Roosevelt

The quintessential practicality and design detail of today’s Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ double rifle ensure its continuance as the rifle of choice for the hunter.

With the handling characteristics and balance of a shotgun, a Holland & Holland double rifle points with ease and speed – an essential requirement for moving game, and the ability to fire two shots almost instantaneously is a considerable plus should a second, quick shot be required.

Each Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ rifle has its barrels individually regulated for a client’s preferred ammunition and bullet weight. Stylish yet incredibly strong, the ‘Royal’ double rifle is equal to the harsh environments it often encounters. The Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ double rifle is the world’s finest rifle.

Prices from £113,500


Specification GBP GBP
Calibres GBP .240 H&H: 7mm & 8mm GBP .577 and .600
GBP .300 H&H: 9,3mm GBP .700 H&H
GBP .375 H&H: 500 3” NE GBP
Barrels & Chambers GBP 22" – 26" (56 cm to 66cm) chopper lump, with traditional sling loop. GBP Wide v-rearsight with one folding leaf, combined moon-protector foresight.
Action GBP Back action and bolstered, hand-detachable sidelock design. GBP
Safety Triggers & Guards GBP Double Trigger GBP Manual or Automatic Safety
Stock GBP Selected, De Luxe or Exhibition Grade walnut GBP Pistol grip. Cheekpiece
GBP Recoil pad or heel plate GBP Finely chequered
GBP Gold Oval inlaid with initial or crest GBP
Engraving GBP Scrolls and borders GBP Holland & Holland ‘gold name’ inlay
GBP Colour-hardened or bright finish GBP


Weights depend upon the bore and the specification but the following may be helpful as a guide:

.300 H&H from 8lb 10oz (3.90kg)

.375 H&H from 9lb 6oz (4.30kg)

.500/465 H&H from 10lb 2oz (4.60kg)

.577 from 13lb 6oz (6.07kg)

All rifles are supplied with a lightweight case suitable for airline travel.

Additional ‘Options and Extras’ on request.


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