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Of all the shotguns and rifles made by Holland & Holland, it is the ‘Royal’ for which the company is perhaps best known. Striking a perfect balance between elegance and design, the Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ side-by-side shotgun is the classic Best London Gun.

“All the essentials of a perfect weapon: Absolute Safety, Simplicity and Strength of Mechanism with Perfection of Form and Balance.”

The epitome of reliability, the traditional ‘Royal’ side-by-side enjoys a distinct advantage in the field. The Holland & Holland self-opening mechanism, widely copied by other gun makers, greatly assists with rapid loading. It is often lighter in weight than other designs and with its prized balance and handling properties, is more responsive to the jinks and turns of the driven bird.

The supremely elegant and slim profile enhances the weapon’s aesthetic qualities. In practical terms, it is comfortable both in the hands and when broken across the arm. It is therefore no surprise to learn that the ‘Royal’ side-by-side has been the preferred choice of serious game shooters for many generations.

Prices from £77,500


Specification GBP GBP
Calibres GBP 12, 16, 20, 28-bore and cal. 410 GBP Fixed or Interchangeable chokes
Barrels & Chambers GBP 25" – 32" (64cm to 81cm) chopper lump. 2¾" (70mm) chambers GBP Game Rib
Action GBP Holland & Holland patent Self-Opening system sidelock ejector with hand-detachable locks GBP
Safety Triggers & Guards GBP Double or Single Trigger GBP Manual or Automatic Safety
Stock GBP Selected, De Luxe or Exhibition Grade walnut. Straight hand or semi-pistol grip GBP Finely chequered Gold Oval inlaid with initial or crest
Engraving GBP Traditional ‘Royal’ scroll pattern. Colour-hardened or bright finish. Serial number engraved or inlaid in gold GBP Additional engraving options on request

Gun Weight

Weights depend upon the bore and the specification but the following may be helpful as a guide:

12-bore from 6lb 12oz (3.06kg)

16-bore from 6lb 4oz (2.84kg)

20-bore from 5lb 12oz (2.61kg)

28-bore from 5lb 10oz (2.55kg)

cal. 410 from 5lb 0oz (2.27kg)

All shotguns are supplied with a lightweight case suitable for airline travel.

Additional ‘Options & Extras’ available on request


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