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The distinguished pedigree of the Holland & Holland ‘Sporting’ shotgun reaches back to the time when clay target shooting was a fledgling sport, born of the then popular pastime of live pigeon shooting.

For the enthusiast who enjoys both clay and game shooting, the ‘Sporting’ model combines ideal performance with the aesthetic qualities of a Holland & Holland game gun and promises lively and responsive handling.

“The gunmakers of Holland & Holland have long taken pride in the company’s reputation for progressive design, a reputation further enhanced by the introduction of the ’Sporting’ over-and-under.”

Ease of maintenance, absolute reliability and the instinctive handling that only a bespoke gun possesses were the objectives of the gun’s creators. Holland & Holland’s detachable trigger lock was the result – fully interchangeable, the entire assembly can be removed for inspection and cleaning with an easily operated release lever in the trigger guard. Versatility is the key to the performance, its design offering tremendous scope for the committed shooter with specific requirements.

The finished result is breathtaking in terms of execution and imagination – truly a Best London Gun in every sense and made entirely at our factory.

Calibres: GBP 12, 20 and 28-bore. GBP
Action: GBP Holland & Holland design with quick-detachable selective single trigger-lock assembly, top lever opening, with nonautomatic thumbpiece safety incorporating a barrel selector. GBP
Barrels: GBP From 25" to 32" (64cm to 81cm) integral breech construction. Game or ventilated top rib, the chokes bored as specified, or with optional interchangable chokes with 2¾" or 3" (70mm or 76mm) chambers. GBP
Stock: GBP Selected walnut, polished and oiled finished to the individual’s measurements, with a choice of grip styles, finely chequered, an optional gold oval engraved with initials or crest. Recoil pad or butt plate. GBP
Engraving: GBP Scrolls and borders, with Holland & Holland ’gold name’ inlay - colour-hardened or bright finish. GBP
Gun weights: GBP Weights depend upon the bore and the specification but the following may be helpful as a guide: GBP
12-bore GBP from 7lb 12oz (3.52kg) GBP
20-bore GBP from 6lb (2.72kg) GBP
28-bore GBP from 6lb (2.72kg) GBP

All shotguns are supplied with a lightweight case suitable for airline travel.

Additional ’Options and Extras’ available on request.


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