Bespoke Guns

The Art of Gunmaking

The Holland & Holland Way

Embracing technology, whilst maintaining traditional craftsmanship is the key to creating the perfect bespoke shotgun or rifle.

Our guns are all made in our factory in London, designed and built specifically for the purpose of gunmaking and housing a workforce of over 30 highly skilled crafts people

The Barrels

Perfectly Sculpted

How they are made

Barrels start life as two lengths of steel which are then taken on a painstaking journey of being drilled, turned, reamed, joined and finished to be items of great strength and true beauty.


Hundreds of hours alone go into the process of fashioning a perfect pair of barrels that are on all of our bespoke shotguns and rifles.

The Barrels


The Stock

Finely Carved Walnut

How they are made

Our stocks are made from specially selected Turkish walnut. The stock needs to be extremely dense, generally coming from trees of great maturity and character.


Once the perfect piece has been selected, we carve, chisel and sand until you are left with the most smooth and luxurious finish which is perfectly fitted to the gun’s future owner.

The Action

Finely tuned

How they are made

Essential to firing a shotgun or rifle, Holland & Holland actions are intricately tested and tweaked to create a perfect mechanism that ensures of safety but also creates minimal stress on all components of the gun to ensure the longevity for generations of owners.

Nothing compares to a Holland & Holland Action.

The Action



The Fine Details

How it's done

Engraving enhances the aesthetic of a shotgun or rifle. Whether you opt for classic game scenes, the iconic Holland & Holland acanthus scroll or something completely personal, our engravers will spend weeks and months delicately working the design into all elements of the final piece.


The final touches

How it's done

Before your gun is ready to leave the factory, the final finishing touches are required. The stocks are chequered and the last layers of oil are applied and buffed. The engraving is lacquered and every component receives its final clean and polish prior to the final gun being built and packaged.

Model List


Christmas Opening

Please be advised that our online store offices in both the UK and US will be closed from 22nd December 2014 through to 5th January 2015. We will be unable to process any orders, returns or exchanges during this time.

We will endeavour to deal with any requests as soon as possible.

Merry Christmas from all at Holland & Holland