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Holland & Holland Gun Fitting Services

Successful shooting at game birds or clay pigeons depends on a number of factors. These include such issues as consistently correct gun mount (vital before any attempt can be made to fit a gun), foot positioning, weight distribution, head positioning and last, but by no means least, a correct fitting gun. The importance of a correctly fitting gun cannot be too highly emphasised. Although it can be argued that it is possible to shoot with an ill-fitting gun, it must be obvious that a well fitted one will handle better in all circumstances and requires less body adaptation to achieve a successful shot.

The basis of good gun fitting lies in a combination of astute observation by the fitter, along with expert use of the try-gun, without which it will be impossible to successfully achieve a satisfactory result. A try-gun (of which we have a wide range in different calibres) is used to determine three sets of measurements – those of length, bend or drop, and cast (either on or off). All these measurements are needed if a new gun is being made, or an existing gun is to be restocked. One or more will be needed if an existing stock is to be altered.

The benefits of the Holland & Holland gun fitting service include the availability of both over and under and side by side try-guns in both 12 and 20 bore gauges, along with the experience and expertise of our instructors who carry out the fitting. The fitting requires a one-hour lesson to be booked and at the time of booking it is imperative you specify that you are booking for a fitting. If you have your own gun that you are considering having altered as a result of the fitting, it is essential you bring it with you for the appointment.

The measurements are recorded on a comprehensive sheet and passed to you at the conclusion of the fitting. If required we are able to recommend suitable workshops that will be able to undertake the necessary work. The charge for the fitting is the same as a one-hour lesson, plus the cost of the cartridges and clays used. Should you be contemplating the purchase of a new or pre-owned gun, either from ourselves or an alternative supplier, we strongly recommend that you avail yourself of our gun fitting service in order to get the maximum enjoyment from your new purchase.

To discuss your needs please call us on + 44 (0) 1923 825349 or email us at shooting.grounds@hollandandholland.com

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