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The 'Round Action Sidelock' 'Paradox'
A pronounced rounded form back-action sidelock design. Two triggers with a manual or automatic safety.

28" (71cm), chopper-lump, with 2¾" (70mm) chambers. 'Paradox' rifled choke. With 'shot' the gun gives Imp. Cyl. patterns. For 'ball' it uses a 2-folding leaf rearsight regulated for 50 and 100 yards with stipulated bulleted ammunition.

Selected walnut finished with fully rounded straight hand or pistol grip, recoil pad or heelplate, with an optional gold oval engraved with initials or crest.

Scrolls and borders, with Holland & Holland 'gold name' inlay - colour-hardened or bright finish.

Gun Weights (may vary due to calibre and spec):
12-bore 'Nitro': 7lb 4oz (3.29kg) 12-bore 'Magnum': 8lb 0oz (3.63kg)