Bespoke Gunmaking

Holland & Holland is the very hallmark of fine British gunmaking and shooting. We represent the benchmark for exceptional craftsmanship and service, defining the quality standard that others aspire to.

Our London gunsmiths, craft the world's finest and most comprehensive range of handcrafted shotguns and rifles all under one roof in our dedicated factory.

Holland & Holland sporting shotguns and rifles have set the standard for generations and are admired the world over. Time-honoured gunmaking skills and state-of-the-art machinery combine effortlessly to instil quality and artistry into every shotgun and rifle produced.

For many owners these are not just guns; they are works of art.

The Barrels, perfectly sculpted

The production of a Holland & Holland gun begins with the barrels. Barrels start life as two lengths of steel. The tubes are meticulously drilled, turned, reamed, joined and polished to ensure a perfect line. Our barrel-makers take hundreds of hours to guarantee each barrel is perfectly round and concentric, creating pieces of immense strength, functionality and beauty

The Action

The quality of our actioning explains why Holland & Holland shotguns and rifles are known to work perfectly for over a century after leaving the factory; subsequent to tens of thousands of shots being fired. Every mechanical part works according to the best engineering principles; stress and wear are minimised and operation is effortless.

The Stock, finely carved Walnut

Holland & Holland stocks are made from finest Turkish walnut, an aesthetically stunning and notoriously strong wood that is dried for up to two years to ensure it does not warp. The best stocks start with the best blanks. The stock connects the shooter with the gun as it is pulled into the shoulder and held in the hand. The stocker carves, cuts, chisels and shapes the wood to fit perfectly to the bespoke measurements of the client ‘from comb to heel’. Hand-inletting ensures perfect function; hand-rubbing seals the grain with a durable natural finish, the heat of the hand helps the oil settle and builds up essential layers of protection.

The result is beautiful, comfortable, ergonomic and hard-wearing.

Engraving, the fine details

Holland & Holland’s iconic ‘Royal’ engraving showcases deep foliate scrolls that sit beautifully on our actions and locks. Hand engraving is a true celebration of an ancient art that has been elevated to an international art-form. The potential for bespoke engraving is boundless incorporating detailed game scenes, personal designs as well as precious metal inlays. Our engravers are artists, their ability to transform ideas into reality is limitless. Many of the best engravers are in the UK; clients may have to wait several years if they want to secure a particular artist for their commission.

Bespoke quality engraving undoubtedly increases a shotgun or rifle’s appeal and collectability.

Finishing, the final touches

‘Finishing’ a gun brings all the processes carried out by each and every craftsman involved together. Every step of a shotgun’s creation is a precise balance of engineering excellence, with a deep understanding and appreciation for the art of British gunmaking. The finisher breathes life and soul into every gun. The finisher’s skills ensure the final details of every intricate technique are perfect from ejector-timing to trigger pulls; from lacquering the metal to chequering and polishing the wood.

Once the final touches are complete the gun is ready to leave us and begin its life in the field.