Maintenance Services

We recognise the fundamental importance of sustainability in helping drive value for both our business and the broader society. In 2018-19 we undertook a materiality process and conducted both internal and external interviews with key stakeholders, to identify social, environmental and governance issues. These have informed our ‘Our Strategy for Responsible and Sustainable Business’ along the following four pillars:

Inspection, safety check & lubricate


Full strip, clean, check & report


Full strip, clean, check, rust removal on interior &  report


Full strip, clean, check, rust removal on interior & exterior, re-varnish & report


Regulate the ejectors & test


Regulate safety, trigger pulls & test


Regulate trigger pulls only


Tighten the action, forend & bites


More complex repairs or alterations can be quoted for upon request


Shotgun & Rifle Valuations

Written Valuation




Gun history research.  This includes a copy of the historical page entry, a letter of authentication detailing the date of manufacture, as well as the name of original owner (except for guns made in the last 50 years) and the gun’s specifications.



Storage (per gun or rifle)

1 day - 1 month







Fees include full insurance against accidental damage, fire & theft whilst your guns are in our care

All prices are inclusive of VAT