The Paradox Gun

With its unique ability to shoot both solid bullets and shotgun cartridges, the aptly-named ‘Paradox’ gun is the ultimate choice for the intrepid shot.

The ‘Paradox’ combines the accuracy and power of a rifle with the lighter weight of a shotgun. Into the bores of tightly choked shotgun barrels, the barrel-makers cut a few inches of sharp-edged rifling. This results in a highly accurate shooting.

The ‘Paradox’ design allows the gun to absorb heavier pressure when firing a bullet whilst retaining the ease and instinctive handling of a shotgun.

For those who travel the world for feathered and furred game, the ‘Paradox’ is the ideal dualfunction gun.




Holland & Holland 'Royal' patent Self-Opening mechanism system sidelock ejector with hand-detachable locks, two triggers and manual or automatic safety.

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28inch. Chopper-lump barrels with 2 3/4in. (70mm) chambers. 'Paradox' rifled chokes. With 'shot' the gun gives Imp. Cyl. patterns. For 'ball' it uses 2-folding leaf rear-sight regulated for 50 & 100 yards with Fosbery type bulleted ammunition.

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Selected walnut, polished and oiled finished to the individual's measurments, with straight hand or semi pistol grip, finely chequered, an optional gold oval engraved with initials or crest.

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Traditional 'Royal' scroll engraving pattern; colour-hardened or bright finish, the gun's serial number inlaid in gold.

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The ultimate in versatility in the field.

A unique and highly sought after gun.