The 'Royal' Double Rifle

The 'Royal' Double Rifle is built to the very best standards. Fast and instinctive to use, our ‘Royal’ has the strength to weight ratios necessary to fire powerful cartridges and heavy bullets with great accuracy.

The bolstered action is elegant and strong. Back action locks allow for a solid bar, adding rigidity and weight where it is most needed. The articulated front trigger guards against bruising whilst our patent ejector system is simple and reliable.

The ‘Royal’ Double Rifle is available in any rimless, flanged or belted calibre. Each gun has individually regulated chopper-lump barrels, a timeproven side lock mechanism, bolts, and ejectors.

Where the game is close and the perfect shot counts, the 'Royal' Double Rifle is the best in the world.


7mm, 8mm, .300 H&H, 9.3mm, .375 H&H, .500 (3in), .577, .600, .700 H&H, .416 & .465


Back-action and bolstered, hand-detachable sidelock design. Two triggers – the front hinged, extended top strap, with a manual or automatic safety.

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From 22in. to 26in. (56cm to 66cm) chopper-lump barrels, with traditional sling loop, wide-V rear-sight rearsight with one folding leaf, combined moon-protector foresight, regulated to stipulated distance with client specified ammunition and bullet weight.

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Selected walnut, polished, oiled, and finished to the individual’s measurements with pistol grip and a cap box for spare foresight, cheekpiece, recoil pad, an optional gold oval engraved with initials and crest.

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Traditional ‘Royal’ scroll engraving pattern; colourhardened or bright finish, the rifle’s serial number engraved or inlaid in gold.

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An exquistie rifle for dangerous game.

The ultimate expression of a double rifle.