A new Holland & Holland 20-bore ‘Royal’ Side-by-Side Shotgun

A new Holland & Holland 20-bore ‘Royal’ Side-by-Side Shotgun

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The Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ is the quintessential London ‘Best’ Gun.

Perfected over a century, its design has been emulated by gunmakers across the world but never bettered.

With our world-famous lock mechanism, proven ejectors, and faultless self-opening mechanism, the ‘Royal’ Game Gun is unrivalled in its elegance, reliability, accuracy and speed in the field.

This particular example is chambered in 20-bore and is fitted with 30 inch barrels.

Traditionally, guns are engraved by hand with Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ scroll.

However, all our bespoke shotguns can be engraved with any decoration the client desires.

Available as either a side by side or an over and under, the Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ is the ultimate Game Gun, to be relied upon and used for generations.


Calibre: 20 Bore

Action: Holland & Holland patented sidelock ejector with hand-detachable locks

Triggers: Single trigger

Safety: Automatic


Length: 30 inches

Chamber: 2 3/4 inch (70mm)

Rib: Game rib

Chokes: Right: 1/2 Left: 3/4


Quality: Best quality grade Turkish Walnut

Length: 151/8 inches @ centre (38cm)

Grip: Traditional English straight hand grip

Butt End Finish: Chequered

Forend: Splinter style forend


Detail: Classic ‘Royal’ scroll with Holland & Holland name inlaid in Gold

Finish: Case colour hardened


Weight: 6lb - 2oz (2.78kg)

Case: Uncased

Date of manufacture: New

Price: P.O.A