Meet The Team - Luke Davison

Wednesday 30th March 2022

How long have you worked for Holland & Holland and what is your role?

I joined Holland & Holland in May 2021 as the Sales Manager. Prior to joining Holland & Holland, I worked for Beretta in St James’s for just shy of eight years.

When and how did you get into shooting? 

Growing up it was almost an inevitability that I was going to have an interest in shooting. I can’t really recall how ‘young’ I was when I first accompanied family & friends rough shooting or in the beating line but I first was allowed to use a shotgun, a single barrelled .410, when I was ten. Before that I was trying my best to surreptitiously steal my older brothers air rifle whilst he wasn’t watching.

Do you have a favourite type of shooting?

I must confess, I’m a glutton for it all! However, if I was forced to choose, as much as I enjoy standing on a peg – ‘Wild Sport’ is definitely my preference. Grouse, Woodcock, Snipe, wildfowl and deer stalking always get me excited! Many steps and fewer shots, I sometimes find, reward you with the more memorable days.

What has been your most memorable day of shooting?

If I had to whittle down some great adventures, two spring to mind. The first was an exhausting day ptarmigan shooting in Scotland, right on the very top of a Monroe. The Ptarmigan alluded us, but we had some great high-altitude grouse and, on the way down in the afternoon, we stalked into some wild feral Goats. I had been lugging my .30-06 with me for the morning and was rewarded with a hard stalk into a group on some truly treacherous terrain. We finished that day with a magnificent Billy, that takes pride of place on the wall. The second was a solo outing on the southwest Scottish coast, late in the season, with my Double 8-bore wildfowling. I was returning to the marsh in the afternoon, after a successful morning flight resulting with a brace of pinkfoot geese, and walked into a huge raft of wigeon in a secluded creek. Witnessing that number of wild wigeon ‘whistling’ into the sky was such a spectacle, I nearly forgot to raise the gun to the shoulder. I finished that days wildfowling with a right & left of rising wigeon and final pinkfoot. A hard cold day, but one I haven’t bettered yet.

What is left on your bucket list?

I’ve never been fortunate enough to experience an alpine hunt. High altitude goat and sheep species – Ibex, Markhoor & Marco Polo – would be an amazing experience.  

Do you have a favourite type of Game to eat and how would you cook it? 

All the deer species that the UK has to offer rewards stalkers with some of the best and varied meat going!  Otherwise, classic woodcock on toast is still one of my favourite end of seasons treats.

What makes you so passionate about Holland & Holland?

From an early age, I grew up hearing the ‘great’ London gunmakers names spoken about with awe, and to be part of such a historically named brand within the shooting world is an incredible experience. But more than that, Holland & Holland is a truly unique best gunmaker. We can offer best guns in all formats, from modern Over & Under shotguns to traditional London Side-by-Sides. We’re famous for our bolt action rifles and calibers, as well as our refined best double rifles. I’ve always loved specific guns for the correct sporting purpose, and Holland & Holland is able to build bespoke guns to suit any modern shooter. This diversity brings such a range of clients and what they need from our guns. No request is ever the same!

If you could only pick one Holland & Holland gun to use, what would it be and why?

Although seemingly the most dedicated and least versatile gun, the romance and elegance of a Holland & Holland Royal Double rifle is hard to rival. The beauty, design and poise that a best grade double rifle delivers and feels like immediately transports you back to the early 20th century dangerous game hunting in unexplored territory. A refined and precise gun, but beneath the finish - a robust and dependable companion.