Meet The Team -Guy Davies

Monday 30th May 2022

How long have you been working for Holland & Holland and how did you come to join the company? 

I joined Holland & Holland in 1996 with a position in the London gunroom. Prior to this I was working in the gun trade so knew all the folks at Holland & Holland before joining the company. 

Where are you originally from and what drew you to America?

 I am originally from a village in Essex. In 2004 after spending five years in the London Gunroom I moved to the U.S to manage our New York store, for what was intended to be a one year time period. We are now in 2022 and I am still enjoying working for Holland & Holland and living in the States.

What do you miss from the UK…if anything?!

I miss different types of fishing and shooting which is not available here in the U.S and also the seasons that tend to be very short here in Dallas,Texas.

Do you have a most memorable gun/s that you have sold?

 In the late 1960s our former Director Malcolm Lyell had the vision to embark on producing shotguns and rifles called “Products of Excellence”. One venture was to produce a set of five Royal side by sides in all calibers ranging from 12 down to 410. The set were housed in a lavish Brazilian Rosewood cabinet made by Asprey. In 2009 we were contacted by the original owner who had kept the set in his possession since 1971, wishing to sell them. In 2010 I sold them to a collector in Houston and we remain very close friends to this day so I get to see and handle the guns a couple of times a year when I visit him.    

At what age did you first start shooting?

 My father was a keen shot and an accomplished gunsmith. He taught me to shoot when I was around six years old along with all aspects of field-sports and fishing. 

 Do you have a favourite type of shooting/discipline?

 Here in Dallas we are lucky to have some very nice gun clubs so I therefore shoot quite a lot of clays in practice and competition. My favourite clay discipline would have be FITASC with decoyed Pigeons being my passion when it comes to wing shooting.   

What is your favourite destination to shoot in the US?

 I would probably have to say Southern Georgia hunting wild Quail, the surroundings where they live are beautiful. Quail hunting is very traditional in the U.S in terms of the fact that little has changed from how it was done 100 years ago.    

If you could pick one H&H gun, what would it be and why?

 If I had to choose one Holland & Holland gun in our model range it would be our Royal Model over & under in a 28 bore. The scale and lines of the gun are perfection.