Steel Shot update

Saturday 19th February 2022

With the use of steel shot being increasingly seen as mandatory for game shooting in the UK, our skilled factory team at Holland & Holland have dedicated over four years of research and development to produce the perfect London Steel Shot Proof barrels, that are suitable for ALL non-toxic shot types.

To achieve the highest levels of finish, balance and graceful profiles associated with our guns - Holland & Holland went right back to the origin of barrel making, looking at new steel variants for our Chopperlump barrel blanks. As a result, all new Holland & Holland Shotguns will be manufactured incorporating our new steel technology to have the ability to be fully Steel Shot Proofed from point of manufacture. Not only can Holland & Holland offer this on all of our best grade guns, but we can still manufacture our barrels using our skilled traditional methods employed by our craftsman in our London based factory.

All of our new Steel Shot Proof barrels can be manufactured to any chamber length, with either fixed or multi chokes and still retain our previous barrel profiles in design, manufacture, weight, balance, profile and aesthetics.