Just 40 minutes from central London, our stunning Shooting Grounds offering a wide variety of targets to suit all abilities. Set in 60 acres of countryside, we have over 40 stands with 145 traps to cater for a range of quarry and experience, including our high tower for challenging driven targets.

In addition to the clay targets, we also have extensive rifle shooting facilities, including a 100 yard rifle range, and the UK's only indoor cinema rifle range.

Our Shooting Grounds

Easily accessible from central London or from surrounding counties, the Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds are set in 60 acres of blissful countryside, to be enjoyed all year round.

Clay Pigeon Facilities

We offer a superb range of targets from 145 traps over 40 stands, all quietly nestled in the carefully sculpted landscape. We can provide shooting for any experience level, and any quarry.

High Tower

The high tower provides the perfect opportunity to test yourself on some high birds. With a variety of driven targets off the tower, it is ideal for tuning up pre-season for your days in the field.

Grouse Butts

Our Grouse Butts provide the challenge and thrill of a variety of Grouse targets, with traps set by our highly experienced team to deliver an authentic experience.

Private Setting

The Shooting Grounds are divided in to beautifully landscaped sections that allow for multiple parties or even large groups to be shooting simultaneously without even seeing each other.

Exceptional inventory

We have an impressive selection of Holland & Holland shotguns and rifles available to use upon request.

Rifle Facilities

Not just limited to clay targets, we boast the only indoor cinema rifle range in the UK available for public use. In addition, we have an outdoor, 100 yard rifle range, ideal for zeroing rifles or taking our deerstalking course.


The Shooting Grounds are also home to a well appointed Gunroom, showcasing our full range of shotguns and rifles, along with a range of carefully selected accessories.