Tuition and Courses

In addition to our standing as a gunmaker, our prestigious London Shooting Grounds excel at enhancing the performance of shots in the field. Our highly skilled team of fitters and instructors are masters in their profession, benefiting from their own experience alongside wisdom handed down by past generations of Holland & Holland experts.

Our dedicated gun fitting room at the Shooting Grounds contains an extensive range of try-guns and we are proud to provide a gun fitting service to match the quality of our sporting guns and rifles.

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Individual instruction is personalised to suit particular requirements, enabling clients to benefit from the wide range of sporting clay stands and excellent facilities available.

New and experienced shots are welcome.

Gun fitting

A dedicated gun fitting room with an extensive collection of try-guns is now open at the Shooting Grounds. Holland & Holland gun fitters are trained to the highest standards, benefiting from their own experience as well as wisdom handed down by past generations of Holland & Holland experts. A fitter determines the perfect gun fit whilst taking into account subtleties such as the shooter’s eyesight, their build and technique, ensuring a smooth and consistent gun mount to the shoulder. A properly fitted gun will work with the shooter, maximising performance in the field.

Deer Stalking Course

The Deer Stalking Course is designed to take a novice through all the basics of safe rifle handling. The course covers basic stalking shooting positions, simulated high seat, shooting off sticks, prone with a bi-pod or rolled up bag/coat, free-standing and kneeling. At the end of the three-hour course the participant will be equipped to pass the 'Stalkers Rifle Test' which forms part of many classroom-based stalking courses.

Indoor Rifle Range

Holland & Holland are proud to offer the only private non-military indoor live-round facility in the UK, enabling rifle instruction with a moving target and live ammunition.

Shotgun Beginners Course

The Shotgun Beginners course has been designed by the Holland & Holland team of experienced instructors to take a novice shot to a confident level. Participants will complete the course feeling safe whilst handling a gun and with the knowledge of basic shooting techniques.

Green Feather Course

The Green Feathers is a well thought out series of private or group lessons for novice lady guns offering an introduction to the world of shooting, ensuring participants complete the course feeling confident whilst handling a gun.

Silver Feather Course

The Silver Feathers course is designed for more experienced lady guns looking to hone or perfect their skills.

Young Shot Morning Course

The Young Shot course is designed for young guns aged 11 to 16 and offers an educational and fun morning with a group of like-minded peers. The Emphasis throughout is on gun handling and safety. We are now running this course again; please contact the ground for bookings and availability.

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